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Protect your data

A faulty computer can be replaced, but your documents and pictures cannot. When it comes to computers, losing your data is perhaps the most distressing thing that can occur, but My IT Guy can deal with both prevention and recovery.

Our preferred backup solution is "online" and works by first encrypting your data (so that nobody but you can access it) then transferring it across the internet to secure, UK-based servers. The system backs up your data automatically up to six times per day day, and keeps multiple versions of your files, so if you delete or modify a file accidentally, you can recover a version of it from earlier that day, or last week, or last month.

Safe and sound

There are several advantages to this system over the common method of copying files to an external hard drive, or DVD. Perhaps most importantly, the data you back up using our online method is stored off-site, and so protected from fire and theft. External hard drives are just as vulnerable as the device they're plugged in to.

Secondly, because your data is online, it's accessible over the internet, so you'll be able to access your pictures and documents from any other computer, even your phone!

Recover from disaster

Data backup is essential, but most people learn the hard way after they've suffered data loss. At My IT Guy, we're usually able to recover your documents, pictures, music and so on, from any computer, even one that won't turn on. We can restore your data to another computer, to an external hard drive, or to DVDs, all while we're on-site with you, so you'll be up and running again as quickly as possible

Bank-level Security

Your data is stored, encrypted in UK data centres, split across multiple independent systems with no single system containing enough to retrieve an individual file via any unauthorised methods. It is protected by 24/7 physical security and the latest intrusion prevention technology in data centres which are ISO 27001 certified, the highest possible standard for data security. The backup solution is SOC2 self-certified and SOX compliant. It's fully compliant with UK and EU privacy laws, and registered under the Data Protection Act and with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office).

It's safe!

Unlimited backup storage at no extra charge as part of our managed IT service plan

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