Microsoft 365 on your mobile device

The Office mobile app

Microsoft’s Office app combines Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive and SharePoint into a single app, and introduces new capabilities that enable you to create content and accomplish tasks in uniquely mobile ways.

It allows you to easily access the files from your desktop computer (which My IT Guy has already synced to your Microsoft 365 account) as well as from your SharePoint sites (your shared company files).

You can quickly switch between documents, spreadsheets and presentations, use your device’s camera to scan images into editable Word and Excel documents, or into PDFs, and capture whiteboards with enhancements to make them easier to read. You can make quick notes, sign PDFs, scan QR codes, transfer files between devices, and dictate documents using your voice.

Access your files

When you launch the app and sign in using your company Microsoft 365 account, you’ll immediately see a feed of all the most recent documents you’ve created or edited on your desktop computer or other device. Tap on one of them to pick up where you left off!


To browse for other files not immediately apparent in your feed, tap the folder icon in the top-right.

From here you can tap on OneDrive to access the files from your desktop computer…

…or one of the Sites to access your shared company files, which you’ll find in the relevant Documents folder.



From the home screen within the Office app, you can tap the Action button near the bottom of the screen to enable a few more options.

Share files

Here you can transfer files between your mobile device and computer, as well as send and receive documents with people nearby who also have the Office app.

Convert text in images

Using your device’s camera, you can take a photo of a document or whiteboard and have the app convert it to editable text or an Excel table.

Do more with PDFs

You can sign an existing PDF stored in OneDrive or SharePoint using your finger or digital pen. You can also convert pictures and documents to PDFs.  

Other features

At the bottom of screen, you’ll find a plus icon that reveals three additional options: Notes, Scan and Voice, along with shortcuts to create new Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Forms.


Creates a Post-It style note that is immediately added into your chronological feed.


“Looks” at a whiteboard or printed document, intelligently aligns it, and then scans it into your phone – just like a document scanner. If you save what Lens sees as a Document, and tap the file format icon to save it as a Word file, Lens uses OCR scanning and converts it to text.


Use your voice to take quick audio notes.

When creating and editing Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents you can use the Dictate button to speak your text, rather than using the keyboard.

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